6DX, the most comprehensive in-store technology launched in the Middle East

The 6 powerful features of 6DX combine to provide the best POS solution for retail and a frictionless customer-centric shopping experience

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: 6DX, the most comprehensive in-store retail technology, a highly scalable, intuitive cloud-native point-of-sale (POS) solution launched in the Middle East, aims to transform the retail experience store in hypermarkets, supermarkets, fashion and lifestyle . Based on Robust Design Thinking principles from the Intellect Commerce R&D Innovation Lab, 6DX is an open retail composable architecture that supports MACH (microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native, and headless) without disrupting existing environments. Adapt to any environmental retailer’s technology ecosystem. It is built on microservices and API-first design to maximize flexibility and speed of implementation.

The pandemic has transformed customers around the world, and customers in the Middle East are no exception. With an extremely diverse and very concentrated market to cater to, the retail industry has been at the forefront of online digital transformation in the Middle East. Customers are more informed and get reliable options in luxury, brand and affordability. As customers are used to the convenience of shopping online, they expect the same convenience in brick-and-mortar stores. Modern customers are looking for a personalized and convenient experience, so the success of any retail business depends on delivering the same.

At 6DX, exponential technology comes from over two decades of deep domain expertise and collaboration with clients in international markets. With 6DX, retailers can perfectly align all six key elements of their retail mix to optimize customer satisfaction and enable better management and operational growth:

  1. Checkout faster – Enable retailers to checkout faster and easier using barcode-based scanning, role-based authorization, order booking, peripheral integration, offline billing, refunds, and more.
  2. Promotions – Obtain customer behavior information from mining transaction history and correlate it with customer segmentation attributes to inform promotion strategies and percentage-based promotions.
  3. Payment– Offers a variety of payment methods including card payments, digital wallets, loyalty points, closed wallets, gift voucher redemption and cash payments to make the checkout process easier for customers
  4. customer relationship management – Enables businesses to help them sell better and allows them to harness the power of customer data through a CRM module to capture data on customer registration, KYC, location tagging, NPS, analytics, marketing campaigns and social media integration
  5. Coupons and Coupons – Automatically personalize promotions with coupons and vouchers based on preprinted, digital, bulk, invoiced product categories and customer groups.
  6. Loyalty Program – Recognize and reward consumers and increase lifetime value by offering multi-tiered, loyalty boosting, card management, welcome events, point transfers and expiry, and empowered loyalty programs

Commenting on the launch of 6DX, Ramanan SV, Director – Intellect Commerce Said: “The Middle East retail industry is currently on the cusp of a major digital transformation. According to a recent report, more than 50% of consumers in the Middle East would prefer to spend money on experiences rather than things, compared to 44% globally. In addition, 65% of consumers seek curated experiences, well above 58% of consumers globally. 6DX provides solutions for user experience, such as point-of-sale (POS) and retail analytics, and customer relationship management (CRM) with its cutting-edge NextGen Retail Xperience technology to unlock high performance and great returns.”

The cornerstone of our proprietary 6DX Index Technology (6DX-ET) is Design Thinking: We develop new technologies with our clients’ customers in mind. The rigor of our Design Thinking culture is based on imagination, insight, perfection, patience, and dialogue with our clients – resulting in 6DX Index technologies that are composable, contextual and scalable. To reimagine the store of the future with 6DX, book a demo here.

About Intellect Commerce Ltd.

Intellect Commerce Limited, a group company of Intellect Design Arena, has over 20 years of value creation experience in the retail technology industry and is an industry leader in retail IT. Intellect Commerce Limited has been providing a full range of end-to-end solutions for retailers in various verticals, enabling medium to large retail chains in supermarkets, hypermarkets, fashion and lifestyle verticals in over 19 countries.

Intellect Commerce also offers a complete suite of retail software solutions, from cloud POS with integrated CRM for advanced customer engagement to end-to-end retail back office. For more information on 6DX, visit https://www.i6dx.com/

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