CEB earns Rs. 75 million fines in 2022

The Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) has recovered Rs 75 crore in 2022 from fines imposed on electricity stealers and other breaches.

In 2022, the special investigation team of the Ceylon Electricity Bureau carried out 1,302 surprise inspections related to illegal electricity use across the country.

Thus, for litigation costs and losses resulting from 1,114 raids related to meters (Meter Cases), and due to 188 raids related to pegged cases. The total amount recovered was Rs. 75,080,652.57 including Rs. 2,687,177.77 in damages to CEB. CEB’s Special Investigations Unit continues its investigation to halt electricity-related fraud, “We respectfully ask our consumers to conserve electricity, which directly affects the country’s economy, and not to get electricity without paying for it, ’ said CEB.

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