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San Antonio, Feb. January 2023 (Global News Agency) – rack space technology┬« (NASDAQ: RXT), A leading end-to-end multi-cloud technology solutions company announced today that it has extended its FedRAMP authorization to include Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Rackspace Government Solutions (RGS), a managed security and compliance platform. This expansion enables Rackspace Technology to provide state-of-the-art private, public and hybrid architecture solutions for government networks.

Rackspace Government Solutions is a platform designed specifically to meet the security and compliance requirements of government agencies. By adding AWS to their list of authorized technologies, Rackspace Technology enables federal agencies to access a range of AWS services, including compute, storage and networking. This expansion is an important milestone for Rackspace Technology and its federal customers, allowing them to use the power and flexibility of AWS while still maintaining the high levels of security and compliance required for government work.

“Given the recent legislation President Biden signed into law making FedRAMP the certification program of choice for civilian agency cloud access, we will continue to be a top service partner in the AWS Partner Network,” said Rick Rosenburg, vice president and general manager. Rackspace Government Solutions. “We are excited to continue our work as a FedRAMP Service Consulting Partner of the Authority to Operate on AWS.”

Rackspace Government Solutions has received 23 FedRAMP authorizations and several contract vehicles through which federal agencies can obtain Rackspace Technology services and solutions from Rackspace Technology. With more than 3,800 AWS Certifications, 15 AWS Competencies, and 15 AWS Service Validations, Rackspace Technology provides its customers with deep expertise in AWS capabilities.

“Our team demonstrated their deep technical knowledge of AWS, combined with our security and compliance expertise, helped us accomplish in months what would normally take years,” Rackspace Technology’s Rosenburg said. “As a result of our timely actions, RGS Government Cloud met 80% of FedRAMP requirements, giving us a competitive advantage over other managed service providers.”

For more information on Rackspace Government Solutions’ rights to operate on AWS, please visit here.

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