Technologists ready to add more teeth to CCI

New Delhi : The Centre will diversify the composition of the Competition Commission of India (CCI) by opening its doors to technologists to become adjudicating members of the antitrust regulator.

Given that much of CCI’s adjudication work and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) regulations are related to developments in the technology sector, the government expects technologists to be part of its top ranks. This will be mentioned when the government invites members to apply in the future, said a person familiar with the matter who requested anonymity.

To date, members with expertise in law, economics, finance, business, commerce, management, competition policy and public policy are part of the committee’s list of appointments. In addition, the plan also plans to have representatives from the technology sector on the committee of eminent persons and senior officials that select CCI members. “We have extensive expertise in CCI by changing the selection process. Until now, it has been difficult for people with technical backgrounds to become members. An enabling measure to amend the Competition Act is proposed in a bill,” the person said above added.

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